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SBLF prides itself on it's scientific and philanthropic core. With our large base of supporters there are a wide range of skills and disciplines which help support financial outlay, and synergy when working together. Our principal aim resides within the Puget Sound area but expect there to be additional interests.

Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation

The Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that is devoted to creating a world that can sustain itself. The core value system of the Foundation is based on how sustainability and science work together to provide the answers for human survival.

What stands for

The Foundation believes in the strength of science. The organisation's focus on science is the idea that science gives the world knowledge to improve mankind. The Foundation wants to integrate science and the sustainability of human life with its core disciplines. The connection between sustainability is working in a community setting. The organisation refers to this as group philanthropy. Working in a community to increase sustainability is the only way to tangibly see results. The foundation is powered by a grants scheme that enables smaller organisations to ask for help to carry about goals that are aligned with the Foundation's aims and goals.

The types of organisations that receive grants from the Foundation include those that try and incorporate the following value systems into their work:

  • Inquiry: the Foundation wants thorough investigation based on science that can further sustainability within communities.
  • Innovation: Systems that are full of innovation or campaigns to promote sustainability or science using innovative techniques are highly regarded by the Foundation. Techniques such as those employed by DNA testing which is at the forefront of modern science.
  • Synergy: Recognising the importance of the interconnected world we live in, organisations or campaigns that look to bridge the gap between science, the general public and sustainability are keenly looked at by the Foundation.

Making things better

The Foundation is aware that science is a large, broad subject with plenty of scope, and can sometimes be too detailed for the general public to grasp. This is why the Foundation is seeking to break down the excessive jargon of science and sustainability and make the public fluent in understand how science and sustainability work together. For example, programmes that encourage the concept of scientific literacy are highly regarded by the Foundation to receive a grant.

Scientific literacy is the idea that all people have the right to understand the science of everything around them in their environment. The Foundation wants to encourage this through workshops. By increasing the levels of scientific literacy in the general public as well as increasing how experts in the field interpret scientific literacy, the Foundation's core aim of promoting science is being done.

The idea of being green in the 21st century has become trendy, with celebrities, governments and businesses pushing this platform forward. Another aspect of the Foundation's work is to promote sustainability or ideas for sustainability that are not in the public view or domain as much. For example, while reducing fuel emissions is a popular aspect of being green and recycling is at the forefront of sustainability for plenty of communities, the Foundation wants to give the promotion of sustainability a 360 degree focus. This will be done by including lesser known areas such as community sustainability projects that focus on small towns that are affected by environmental issues.

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Education is the key

The Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation is dedicated to educating the public on the issue of sustainability which is why there is such a large focus on the public and community when the topic of sustainability is talked about. As we live in a world where technology has changed how we interact, as humans, we are creating the platform for consistent usage without thinking of the consequences. The Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation focuses on ensuring that we will have a comfortable world to live in by thinking about how our community is affected by our choices today.

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